Helpful Tips to Learn Ukulele

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The ukulele is perhaps not one of the more popular choices of instrument you might learn to play. Because of this it may not be quite so straight forward when it comes to seeking out a tutor, so be prepared to self teach. However, once you master the basics of how to play the ukulele it can be a truly fun instrument to play.

A few useful tips for learning the ukulele include: making sure your instrument is in tune. Digital tuners can help with this but you can also use pitch pipes. Some people are fortunate enough to have a trained ear when it comes to recognising the right tone. Another good tip is to make sure you buy a quality ukulele as not only will they sound better but they will also stay in tune for longer. Ukuleles are not that expensive to buy and you can always by one second hand from a local music store or by looking online.

It is important that you learn how to hold your ukulele correctly because this will affect the way your instrument sounds. Given that the ukulele is a small instrument, you don’t want to be holding it too far in to your body. This will only muffle the sound and produce a rather offish sound that may have people covering their ears.

Once you have learnt the chords C, F and G there are a whole range of songs available for you to learn to play. Most songs only require these three cords so you will quickly be able to bust out many a tune for your own pleasure or that of friends and family. Regular practise will of course help you to progress quicker but the most important tip is to enjoy the learning experience.

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