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So, you’re interested in learning to play the ukulele? Assuming you have already purchased your ukulele and are simply […]

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Hawaiian Souvenirs

Oh, Hawaii the perfect vacation spot for just about anyone, and what Hawaiian vacation would be complete without souvenirs? […]

Cordoba Classical Guitar

Founded in 1997, Cordoba is one of the pioneers in the music industry today. They are the leader of […]

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Learning to play the ukulele has become quite popular over the years and it would appear that there is more to it than being just a fad. Because of the increased interest for the ukulele there are now many more website offering information about this beautiful little instrument. Whether you are musical minded or not, you are sure to find some easy to follow ukulele lessons online. Many website may offer free downloadable music sheets and instructions or at least a free trial period with no obligation. […]

Do You Play Guitar? You Should Try The Ukulele!

If you love playing the guitar, you really owe it to yourself to give the ukulele a go! Some people feel the ukulele is a good starting point, for example for kids, and then eventually graduate to playing the guitar but the ukulele is a great instrument to play for any aspiring guitar player. In fact, some even say they improved their guitar playing once they started incorporating the ukulele in their practice. As you probably know, the ukulele has only 4 strings. While this may seem […]

Guide to the Types and Styles of the Ukulele

The ukulele is a very small guitar that originated from an island in Portugal called Madeira. This instrument was called “braguinha” in Portuguese. In 1879, travelers took a ship from the island of Madeira to Hawaii. Craftsmen who witnessed this instrument being played were fascinated and began producing it for Hawaiians. The instrument was nicknamed “ukulele,” which actually means, “jumping flea.” It is also called “uke” for short. Ukes are different from guitars in several ways. They are usually very lightweight and easy to carry. Original style […]

A Marriage Made in Maui Heaven

Looking for a paradise wedding, or have friends that are looking for the perfect place to get married? We have lots of romantic ideas for a heavenly Maui wedding. At the beach, near a waterfall or in a chapel, with the fragrance of tropical flowers borne on gentle trade winds caressing your face — a Maui sun bids “Aloha” to another day in Paradise. It is quite simply, the perfect place to celebrate your wedding vows. Here are a few of the ingredients that will imprint your […]